KWIKVID Making Video Easy | We produce quality, affordable website video and online video adverts


KWIKVID produce easy to understand, fixed price, low cost video for businesses.

And we distribute it online help your organisation succeed and grow using the latest video marketing and social media marketing techniques.

KWIKVID is the sister company of Kersh Media who make high quality video for a wide range of clients including; Shakespeare’s Globe, RNLI, Nuffield Health, Kent County Council, New Zealand Lamb,  NHS, Harley Davidson, Sevenoaks School, Nature’s Best & Lamberts Health, Eastbourne College, Otokar Commercial Vehicles and many other businesses and organisations in the private and public sectors.

We were established in 2005 by BBC Senior Producer and film maker Graham Majin.

The KWIKVID brand and product range was launched to help SMEs take advantage of the revolution in online video.

Traditionally video has been seen as very expensive, complex and time consuming to produce; something outside the reach of most businesses. KWIKVID changes all that. We offer a no frills video production service with fixed priced products which are easy to understand and which you can order online. Because it’s a no frills service, we can keep our prices down and pass the savings on to you.  We think of KWIKVID as the video equivalent of MacDonalds or of a low cost airline!

At KWIKVID we’ve carefully analysed the video production process and streamlined it to make it as efficient as possible. That means you get high quality, professionally made video at great prices.

Our popular Photo Videos cost just £395.00, while our Video Marketing packages are just £325.00.

Our Custom Videos, which means our BBC trained team film at your place of work, start from just £750.00.

You can find out more about KWIKVID’s high quality, cheap video production on our FAQs page.

KWIKVID is a one stop shop for business video.
We offer a range of fixed price, low cost video products including; Photo Videos, Custom Video Production, Website Presenters, Video Marketing and Video Podcasts.
With KWIKVID you know exactly what you’re going to get and exactly how much it’s going to cost.  And our easy to understand video FAQs help guide you through the production process.
Businesses use KWIKVID’s high quality, cheap video to bring their websites to life, explain the quality of their products and services, stand out from the competition and generate new sales leads and enquiries.
We’re based in Kent close to London and with easy access to the M25 and Europe.
Please browse the fixed-price video products above or watch one of our free video tutorials.
If your business is looking for high quality, cheap video production for YouTube or Facebook marketing or for your website, please contact us to find out how KWIKVID can help your business succeed and grow.
KWIKVID helps businesses take advantage of the power of video to boost their sales and marketing.
We combine professional, BBC trained video making skills with online media expertise and the latest video marketing and social media marketing techniques. The result; cheap, effective, high quality video that will make a difference to your business and help generate new sales leads and enquiries.
Whatever your business sector, our fixed price online video solutions will help you build brand awareness, engage new audiences, increase traffic and boost sales.
KWIKVID’s UK based video producers will help you set your business apart from the competition, attract more site visitors and increase overall sales conversions.
Did you know?
1 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube.
50 million videos are viewed every month on Facebook.
Online advertising spending in the UK has overtaken TV advertising spend (£1.75bn compared with £1.63bn)
So how is your business taking advantage of the revolution in online video and social media?
KWIKVID offer cheap, effective video marketing packages to help your business tap into the world of online video.
Video marketing offers excellent SEO benefits and will help your customers and prospects find your products and services. But just as importantly, video content will engage viewers and influence their buying decisions.
One recent study concluded that putting video on your website increases customers’ perception of product quality by 300%
As businesses look for cost effective, modern ways to promote their products and servcies, online video marketing is starting to move into the mainstream.
As someone put it recently; “If you’re not using video marketing you need to start now, because your competitors probably are”
KWIKVID – making video easy!