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Video Marketing Video SEO Tutorial

Online video marketing is an essential part of a business marketing strategy. This introduction to internet video marketing explains how to do video marketing and provides video marketing tips. This tutorial gives advice on how video marketing can help with marketing a small business or organisation of any size. Video from Kent video marketing and video production company Kersh Media

Online video marketing is an essential part of a business marketing strategy. This introduction to internet video marketing explains how to do video marketing and provides video marketing tips. This tutorial gives advice on how video marketing can help with marketing a small business or organisation of any size.

This Tutorial looks at Video Marketing – everything you ever wanted to know about video marketing, but were too afraid to ask!

What exactly is video marketing and what’s the benefit to businesses?

Well Video Marketing is becoming very popular because it’s a cost effective way to generate new sales leads and enquiries.

It can also influence your customers’ buying decisions.

I’ve got some quotes here; these are things people are saying about video marketing;

These are from Advertising Age Magazine:

“Video marketing is the fastest growing area on the web. There is nothing else that comes close to the effectiveness of this medium”.

And here’s another quote:

“If you’re not promoting your business using video, you need to start now or you’ll be left behind by the competition”

Ok so a lot of people are starting to do video marketing and there’s a lot of hype surrounding it.. but what is it?

Well very simply it’s about taking video content and distributing it on the internet in a very planned and focussed way.

Now the reason video marketing is proving so effective is because of something called “universal search”.

Universal search was introduced by Google in 2007 and means that when you search for something, the results that come up are not just web pages.

Here’s an example; if I type “otters” into Google, Google will offer me web pages of course, but we also get still images of otters. And here – and most importantly, as far as we’re concerned – there’s video.

And of course this doesn’t just apply to otters. If I type in “Darth Vader”; first of all we get some images, then a few web pages and then very prominently; video! Four video clips right in the middle of page one of Google.

And of course the same thing applies to your business keywords. So for example, if I type in “Kent Video Marketing” we see exactly the same thing happening..

A mixture of different types of content. And here, with some very prominent thumbnails right in the centre of page one of Google are some videos.

And if we click on one of these videos you’ll notice it happens to be a promotional film for a video marketing business from Kent in the UK.

So that’s how universal search works and what we’re finding is that video is starting to become more and more important to Google and to search.

Why do you think Google is so keen on video?

In 2006 Google spent 1.65 billion dollars buying YouTube.

Let’s hear what YouTube’s owners said on the day the deal went through.

They look pretty happy.. but I guess you’d look happy if you just sold your business for 1.65 BILLION dollars!

But seriously, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what’s going on here.  Google believes online video is going to be huge, it’s invested a lot of money in it and it’s making sure that search and video work hand in hand.

I think most people are aware there’s been an explosion in the popularity of online video, but just how big is it?

The statistics are breath taking; More than one billion videos are now viewed every day on YouTube.

More than 20 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day.

In the UK businesses are now spending more money advertising online than they do advertising on TV. (source IAB October 2009)

So there’s real change happening.

OK so video can be a powerful SEO tool for businesses and get you onto page one of Google, but it’s actually more than that isn’t it.. because video doesn’t just appeal to search engines?

Yes, that’s a critical point to understand. Video doesn’t just appeal to search engines it appeals to people too.

As human beings we love watching video. It’s the most effective tool for communication that’s ever been invented.

Whatever product or service you offer, you can use video to help sell it.

You might be selling cars, you might be promoting your restaurant, you might be selling your expertise or consultancy skills.. you might be promoting a concept that doesn’t even exist yet..

These are shots from videos we’ve made for some of our recent clients by the way..

Whatever you’re selling; video will show your customers how it works and explain the benefits better than any other medium.

OK so can we see an example of video marketing and the benefits it can bring?

Let’s take a look at a very simple example of video marketing.. This is something we did to promote an audio CD called “Second World War Remembered”

So let’s look at the results of this very simple video marketing test.

Let’s type “second world war cd” into Google and see what comes up.

OK so here we are; note that the first two items at the top of page one of Google are both videos. That’s because of Universal Search which we talked about earlier.

And both these videos are promoting the CD.

It’s even above Amazon! How about that!

And it’s also here in third place as well.

But take a look at this, because this is the really interesting bit;

Look at this; the video has had almost three and a half thousand views of our video in less than 5 weeks.

And people from all over the world are buying this CD, because they’ve seen the video on the internet.

And for businesses watching this, of course they can use the same principles for their own keywords.

So the big question is; if you’re a business, would you prefer the thousands of potential customers out there who are searching for what you do.. to watch your video.. or would you prefer them to end up watching a video made by your competitors?

So this is the power of video marketing; Yes it appeals to the search engines and it will boost your Google page rank.. but the video will also appeal to people.

And if you can engage people and get them interested in your video content, then you’re bringing them into your sales funnel.

And that means that when they’re ready to buy, they’re much more likely to buy from you. And that’s what this is all about.

And this works for just about every sector?  It’s not just Second World War CDs!

Of course. It works for any sector you can think of; service industries, manufacturing, IT, education, public sector, you name it.

Transcript of KWIKVID video tutorial. Written by Graham Majin, © Kersh Media 2010. All rights reserved.